Head of Product - Roamly



Austin, TX, USA
Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2024

About Roamly

Roamly Insurance Group (Roamly), a wholly owned subsidiary of Outdoorsy Holdings, Inc., is the first full-stack insurtech with an embedded offering that powers insurance. Our offerings include modern-day RV insurance to make owners' vehicles 'rent ready,' which we dogfood in our Outdoorsy marketplace, and the RAC platform - a suite of unique digital insurance products that eliminate the commercial use exclusion clause prohibiting online renting activity. RAC enables marketplaces to embed and offer a broad array of insurance products – such as rental insurance, trip and travel insurance, and pet insurance, among others – directly to customers through simple booking flows. RAC is a state-of-the-art, never-before-seen platform in the insurance industry that combines predictive analytics AI/ML, cutting-edge actuarial science, proprietary underwriting processes, and proprietary state filing methodologies implemented on an API-first platform. This platform combines location services, informatics, and real-time data. Our solution revolutionizes claims handling and subrogation while mitigating risk in ways industry insiders describe as a revelation. Our insurtech also markets personal and professional insurance products to peer-to-peer and marketplace businesses to complete our end-to-end offering.

At Roamly, we move fast, and our business is growing quickly because of it. Our net written premiums have increased 130% year-on-year, and our growth continues to accelerate. Is half a trillion dollars in net written premiums a big number for you? We believe we’ll get there in just a short number of years at our current rate!

At Outdoorsy Holdings, we are driven by a profound commitment to reconnect people with nature and foster deeper interpersonal connections. 2023 marked a milestone for us as we achieved profitability, and we are currently experiencing a robust multi-year growth rate of 175%. In 2024, we anticipate surpassing $3 billion in transactions. Our success story includes celebrating over 1 million trips and more than 7 million booked travel days as of June 2023. Join us as we disrupt the outdoor travel industry.

About you

You are an enterprising leader in the Insurance sector, celebrated for your extensive experience, notably over 10 years of transformative work in insurtech or fintech, with a focus on product management. Your journey has been marked by managing a diverse range of personal lines, products, and embedded platforms, standing as a testament to your professional prowess. Your approach is that of a builder, infused with the innovative spirit and agility of a startup, skillfully taking projects from concept to market realization, underlined by your decisive action-oriented mindset.

As the newest addition to Roamly Insurance Group, a trailblazer in the insurtech domain and a wholly owned subsidiary of Outdoorsy Holdings, Inc, your role is not just significant; it's revolutionary. You will play a pivotal role in expanding our comprehensive product portfolio, which includes cutting-edge RV insurance and our groundbreaking RAC platform, eliminating traditional commercial use exclusion clauses and integrating advanced AI/ML analytics and state-of-the-art actuarial science.

Your mission involves driving product-led growth across all 50 states and Canada, closely collaborating with co-founders to chart out strategic roadmaps and spearheading market entry for novel product lines. Your acumen will be crucial in harmonizing product changes with our actuarial and underwriting teams, managing loss ratios, and innovating in product performance through robust, data-driven strategies.

In your hands lies the responsibility to enhance our claims experience across multiple products, leveraging Roamly’s API-first platform that synergizes location services, informatics, and real-time data for revolutionary claims handling and risk mitigation. Your digital expertise, analytical proficiency, and exceptional product sense will be the cornerstone in driving Roamly's rapid growth, with our sights set on ambitious targets in net written premiums.

Your passion lies in not just joining but significantly contributing to an early-stage tech-based insurance business. At Roamly, where we move swiftly and our business grows exponentially, your impact will be immediate and profound. You are here to not only witness but actively shape our journey towards an ambitious future in the insurtech industry.