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Sales & Business Development
United States
Posted on Monday, March 4, 2024
Our mission
Imagine yourself selling the next breakthrough AI/Machine-Learning technology, enabling "AI for everyone" at the start of the company's explosive growth.

Super.AI is used by global enterprises across all industries, from banks, logistics and insurance companies to Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) or retail companies. Super.AI has created the world’s most advanced AI automation platform to extract data from any document with guaranteed quality. We enable companies to leverage the latest AI models, incl. LLMs, and super.AI Data Processing Crowd for human-in-the-loop (HITL) review to automate business processes end-to-end with guaranteed results.
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About the role
Your goal is to put "meat on the table" (revenue). To do this you'll need to be hard working, aggressive, smart, creative, and diligent. This starts by deeply understanding our customer, their pains, fears, desires, and motivations. You'll need to be self-motivated, for example by working with the marketing team to build sales enablement materials, such as demos, presentations, pre-reads, that you need to close the deal. You'll deliver presentations that understand and validate their use-cases, juggle the complexities of enterprise sales, engage multiple stakeholders, and do what you need to do to get the deal over the line. It's important that you are also data driven, diligently fill out the CRM, give feedback to the SDRs, marketing, and sales teams so we can iterate quickly and learn in real-time.

  • Set and achieve quarterly sales goals
  • Create sales enablement materials (presentations, demos, 1 pagers, etc.)
  • Conduct 20-30 direct customer meetings and workshops (2nd meetings) per month through different sources
  • Attract relevant stakeholders for workshops, engineer customer in group format, help create basis for customer business case
  • Demonstrate and clearly differentiate the product from the competition focusing on our clear and compelling value proposition
  • Work with marketing, product, and the rest of the sales team to identify new business opportunities and follow-up the defined business opportunities
  • Documenting plans, activities and opportunities accurately in the CRM system
  • Develop a sales and account strategy across the region, build a pipeline, forecast business and communicate updates to the rest of the team.
  • Research and understand a customers' background and strategic objectives
  • Work with engineers, and customer success to ensure smooth delivery for your clients

You’ll be happy with this job if you are
  • Obsessed with building strong customer relationships
  • Are logical, data driven, can formulate a concrete hypothesis, keep organized, test it out quickly and iterate based on the results.
  • You can learn quickly, stay up to date with latest technologies, competitors, marketing trends, and business strategies
  • Can move extremely fast with limited resources.
  • Can handle a lot of responsibility, freedom, and ambiguity. You don't get blocked by things but rather knock down walls to get things done.
  • Excited when you help solve problems for your customers
  • Would rather bounce ideas around with your peers than go it alone
  • Data driven and ambitious

You’ll won’t happy with this job if
  • You prefer theory over action
  • You aren’t comfortable with constant change, high stress, speed, ambiguity, and massive hustle.
  • You've come from a big company and are used to a large support system, where the strategy was already set and you were executing on a set of well defined, clearly articulated, already tested strategy.

We are looking for someone who is:

Smart, humble, hardworking, and collaborative
  • By smart we don't necessarily mean high IQ (although a huge plus), but an affinity toward learning. We want to automate as much as possible so we can focus on the few things that require human intelligence and creativity.
  • By humble we don't mean submissive or unambitious, we mean it in the same way Roger Federer is humble.
  • By hardworking, we don't mean long hours (be with your family). What we mean is while you're here you're doing the best work of your life. It means being disciplined, professional, focused, gritty, resilient, and resourceful, pragmatic. You believe that responsibility for your work does not end with deployment.
  • By collaborative, we don't mean submissive or deferential, it means taking leadership from everywhere. "I'm taking responsibility to fix this system", if there's a lack of trust "I'm going to address it", if goals are unclear "I'm going to deal with it", it's about being a meritocracy
  • All four of the above are required. We all know people missing one of these and it's not nice to work with them (e.g. someone who is smart and hardworking but not humble and collaborative).

  • The people we like the most are smart but humble
  • Wants to win no matter what, but will not cross lines of integrity to get there
  • Strong beliefs weakly held, etc.

  • 6+ years of F2000 direct enterprise selling experience and exceeding sales goals
  • Highly experienced and committed to utilizing solution selling skills
  • Demonstrated ability to hunt for new-logo enterprise customers with strong desire to WIN
  • BA/BS or equivalent educational background
  • Basic understanding of data science, machine learning and applied AI is a plus
  • Proven negotiation and closing skills
  • A network of strategic clients in the region is a plus

This is a very important role and we are willing to compensate for that accordingly.

We are very much looking forward to talking with you.
Why us?
At super.AI our mission is to make AI accessible to all and use AI to enrich the human experience and make the world a better place. We are a group of smart, creative people who have come together from MIT, Microsoft Research, AWS, Google, and Apple to work toward that mission. As a first step towards that goal, we have built an AI platform to help businesses make sense of unstructured data. Our culture is collaborative and fun that puts customers first.
About us
  • We believe AI is going to be the most impactful technology ever invented. It may be the last technology we ever needed to invent as humans. We don’t want it to be in the hands of the few, but the hands of the many. Our technology promises to transform the way AI is created and consumed to make this vision possible.
  • We are searching for the best-of-the-best to build a massive company, but at the same time a company where people are happy with their lives, feel healthy, passionate and satisfied.
  • We're at an inflection point, so you will have the opportunity to shape things and see the company grow
  • Although super.AI is young, this is not our first rodeo: our CEO previously founded a few hundred person company, and between us we've held senior positions at Google, Amazon, Adobe, Microsoft, Docusign and others