Legal Nurse Consultant, Medical Chronologies



United States · Remote
Posted on Saturday, April 13, 2024

We are seeking exceptional medical professionals dedicated to upholding the highest level of written medical analyses for injury victims throughout the U.S. to join our Knowledge Management team. The Legal Nurse Consultant will ensure that EvenUp’s output is both precise and compelling, and play an integral role in our ongoing product and data science projects by serving as a Subject Matter Expert.

This is a contract position with the potential for full-time employment based on performance. The target rate is $40-50 per hour based on experience. 25-40 hours per week commitment desired.

What You'll Do:

  • Compile and Analyze Medical Data: Contribute significantly to the medical data management at EvenUp. You will be responsible for compiling, maintaining, and analyzing a comprehensive medical knowledge base. This will be essential in creating the highest-quality medical chronologies and other critical documents in personal injury claims.

  • Collaborate for Enhanced Products: Work closely with the EvenUp Product and Data Science teams. Your medical expertise will be vital in enhancing our existing product offerings and in the development of new products that utilize high-quality medical datasets, ensuring accuracy and quality assurance.

  • Develop Specialized Medical Templates: Craft detailed and meticulously designed medical templates tailored to the specifics of each case. This involves understanding the nuances of various medical conditions and treatments as they relate to personal injury claims.

  • Research in Medical-Legal Aspects: Engage in extensive research on bespoke medical-legal aspects of liability and damages claims at both the state and federal levels nationwide.

  • Customize Tools for Clientele: Collaborate with EvenUp’s firm clientele to design medical templates that are specific to each firm and state. These templates should optimize the impact and clarity of our medical chronologies and related documents.

  • Stay Informed on Trends: Keep updated with the latest trends in litigation related to medical aspects of personal injury cases, including changes in medical standards, procedures, and relevant common law precedents.

  • Mentor and Guide: Educate and mentor EvenUp’s Legal Operations Team on the evolving interplay between law and medicine, especially as it impacts the product output. This includes summarizing key medical concepts and integrating the latest medical advancements into our state-specific templates.

  • Quality Assurance: Proactively assess and ensure the quality of medical information in outgoing documents through internal audits, focusing on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of medical chronologies and analyses.

What We Look For:

  • Extensive Experience in Medical Analysis for Personal Injury: A background of 5+ years in nursing or a related medical field, with significant experience in analyzing and summarizing medical records for personal injury cases.

  • Expertise in Medical Documentation: Strong skills in drafting detailed medical summaries, chronologies, and related documents. An understanding of how medical evidence supports personal injury claims.

  • Attention to Detail: An unwavering attention to detail in analyzing and presenting medical data and information.

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Personal Injury Law: An understanding of how medical information is utilized in personal injury law across various states, including how medical evidence relates to the cognizable damages (and limitations) for such actions.

  • Education: Registered Nurse (RN) or similar.

About EvenUp:

EvenUp is a venture-backed generative AI startup that ensures injury victims are awarded the full value of their claims, expanding the $100B+ in awards granted to injury victims each year. Every year, the legal system has made it difficult for millions of ordinary people to seek justice, especially for folks without means or who come from underrepresented backgrounds. Our vision is to help these injury victims get the justice they deserve, irrespective of their income, demographics, or the quality of their legal representation.

EvenUp operates across all types of injury cases, from police brutality and child abuse to California wildfires and motor vehicle accidents. Our ML-driven software empowers attorneys to accurately assess the value of these cases by doing a core part of their workflow (legal drafting), enabling them to secure larger settlements in record time. As EvenUp evaluates more cases, our proprietary data grows, enhancing the precision of our predictions and delivering more value to both attorneys and victims alike.

We are one of the fastest growing startups ($0 to $10M in ARR in <2 years) and are funded by some of the best investors in the world, including Signalfire, Bain, and Bessemer, who led ourrecent $50M Series B.