Founding Designer

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Full-time, Part-time, Contractor
New York, NY, USA; San Francisco, CA, USA; Remote
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Alta is a stealth web2.5 startup based in NYC. We are bringing interoperability to online financial data by creating open APIs for anyone to use.

We’ve raised a large pre-seed round led by Polychain Capital along with the best founders & operators from NFX, Kalshi, Coinbase, Scribble Ventures, Gusto, Alchemy, Gauntlet, Human Capital, Solana, Day One Ventures, Clipboard Health, Bison Trails etc

We are looking for a founding designer to manage all product, webapp and mobile experiences.

You will be leading the build out of our User Interface and Experience, forming initial designs experience through user research, and liaising with engineers to construct a finished product.

  • You will be responsible for creating Figma wireframes and prototypes for the engineers to implement.
  • You will quickly develop UIs and wireframe mobile + web apps
  • You will communicate directly with engineers

We are open to both full time and part time/contractor based positions.

Please email with your portfolio if you’re interested!

The Opportunity

You will create experiences that will be used by millions of end users, and tools that are an entry point for every single company in fintech & crypto regardless of size. You will help Alta push the industry forward by removing the frictions of building financial products.

You’ll work on a strong team (Facebook Crypto (Novi/Libra), Citadel, MIT & Yale), while the Learn:Earn ratio is at its peak. If you want to be part of the asymmetric upside that comes from creating tools that control billions of dollars of value, come help us build the future of finance.


We are upfront with our expectations since they are required for you to love your time at Alta.

  • Strongly opinionated and have firm conviction in your (data-driven) beliefs
  • Crave feedback constantly, without sugar coating.
  • Have the ability to extract value from a conversation with anyone, from a hackathon organizer to the CEO of Coinbase.
  • Complete intellectual independence. You don’t follow the herd, and make the hardest decisions on your own.
  • Highly emotionally intelligent - you continually put yourself into the minds of others.

Commensurate Incentives:

We ask a lot of you. So, we give a lot in return:

  • Offices in NY and SF with food @ work.
  • Company trips including ski retreats to Alta, UT
  • Full healthcare, dental, vision, massage therapy
  • Mental performance coach + psychologist (ala Wendy Rhoades)

Our Dream

Our dream is not that Alta will be a great company. Our dream is not to look back and see blinding success. Our dream is that when you leave Alta, you will go on to do greater and greater things.

“Work with the smartest people you can, hopefully smarter than you…be persistent, don’t give up easily.” “Be guided by beauty…it can be the way a company runs, or the way an experiment comes out, or the way a theorem comes out, but there’s a sense of beauty when something is working well, almost an aesthetic to it” - Jim Simons

“Jason Calacanis once asked Peter Thiel why Paypal produced so many great founders. What was it about Paypal? I loved Peter’s answer — Most people’s experiences with startups fall into one of two categories. Many work for startups that fail and learn that startups are impossible so they never try. Others work for startups like Google or Facebook and learn that startups are easy so they quit when it gets hard. Paypal was “just hard enough”. Early Paypal employees learned that startups are really hard, but it is still possible to succeed.” - Henry Ward

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